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Did you know that dentistry is changing every single year? Innovations are popping up every single day and one of those innovations is in biological root canal therapies. No one wants to have a root canal if they can avoid it – but it’s a must if your teeth are in pain. Root canals can repair and save your teeth if they are infected and decayed. Those who need a root canal often fear it because they’ve heard it’s uncomfortable, but this is where you can speak to Scott Chandler DMD and get some great advice.

Traditional Root Canals

Root canals have been around since the 17th century, and today, endodontists are more advanced with the tools that they use to access and clear pulp inside the tooth. The tools used can clean and disinfect the tooth and dental professionals refill the tooth with a new material. Traditional root canals are very effective and they should last for some time. It’s not an easy procedure, and sometimes, the teeth do not heal properly. Root canal failure can be painful and lead to repeat procedures.


The good news is that there have been innovations that have improved the way that we do root canals, and a biological root canal procedure can be more effective than ever before. So, how does it work?

Biological Root Canals

With the right technology, a biological root canal has come to the forefront of dentistry. Root canal removal with a biological root canal can be better for the removal of bacteria and yeast in the tooth. It can fight the infectious agents and lead to better healing afterwards. Since the discovery of biological root canals, medical professionals have tried to use the same technology to treat other infections. Ozone therapy is used by many biological dentists for root canal removal, and much of the dental community has hopped on board with this innovation.

A Natural, Non-Toxic Solution

Holistic and non-toxic dental solutions are there to treat various issues and treatment can prevent issues that occur down the road. A biological root canal is going to prevent recurrent decay, and it can help dentists to treat root canals properly with a better recovery time. When you have decay in the tooth, the dentist cleans it out and prepares the tooth to be filled. Dentists can treat the tooth with a biological root canal and this can prevent a root canal over time. If a root canal is needed, the dentist can use biological technology to help.

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A biological root canal could be the solution you need to avoid the traditional root canal option, as it can result in healthier teeth and dental work that lasts longer than you could expect. Take the time to book an appointment with Scott Chandler DMD and you can explore your options with regards to biological root canals vs traditional root canals. 

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