Meet the Doctors

Scott Chandler, DMD

Dr. Scott Chandler attended dental school at the University of Kentucky and
has actively practiced dentistry since 2001. Dr. Chandler practiced for ten
years in Idaho as a regular dentist before he moved to Utah and founded his
holistic dental practice. He found his calling in biological dentistry and is one
of very few holistic dentists in the state. He believes strongly in treating the
whole person, not just the mouth, and focuses care on optimum wellness for
his patients. He has learned a lot about light and frequency and uses a dental
laser for most patients. Dr Chandler has presented for several dental and
medical associations such as The American Osteopathic Society of
Integrative Medicine and the Holistic Dental Association. Dr. Scott Chandler is
a family man. As the father of eleven children, there is never a dull moment in
his house. He greatly enjoys riding motorcycles and target shooting with his
children. Dr. Chandler also generously donates his time to charitable
endeavors and has been to Ghana Africa twice.

Memberships and Associations have included:

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
  • Holistic Dental Association (HDA)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Southwest Idaho Dental Association (SIDA)
  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS)
  • Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA)
  • Practitioner of Pastoral Science & Medicine (PScD)

Matthew D. Geddes, DDS

Meet the doctors! Dr. Matthew Geddes graduated in 2006 from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his Doctorate of Dental Science. He began practicing in Zanesville, OH as an associate before purchasing his own practice in 2008 in Wyoming. He owned, operated, fully digitized and expanded his Wyoming practice for 8 years, before moving his family to Idaho. His interest in Biological dentistry came after he purchased his own 3D x-ray machine and saw all the hidden infections present in his patient’s mouths. He and his family moved to Utah and Dr. Matthew Geddes has been working alongside Dr. Chandler for over two years and turning patients lives around for the better. The body cannot heal itself if the mouth is out of balance and poor sleep is not improved. Dr. Matthew Geddes has implemented a screening system for sleep breathing disorders and has treated TMD, TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and orthodontic patients, as well as keeping up on all standard dental procedures. He and his family are very active in the outdoors. They love running, biking, horseback riding, backpacking, skiing, and hiking.


  • Graduate of Weber State University, BS in Zoology & Chemistry
  • Graduate of Dalhousie University, DDS
  • Implant Residency at the Whitecap Institute
  • Certificate of Fellowship from American Orthodontic Society (AOS)
  • Certificate of Fellowship from International Congress of Oral Impantologists (ICOI)
  • IV Sedation course in October 2016
  • Certificate of Diplomate from American Orthodontic Society (AOS)
  • Airway and TMJ Courses; including a 3-day course with Dr. Ralph Garcia in Tampa, FL.
  • Fotona Laser Training (Nightlase, Oralase, and Esthetics)
  • Certified Myofunctional Therapy

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