Our office takes pride in forming long-term relationships with patients built on a foundation of honesty, compassion, and excellent care. Dr. Scott Chandler does not use fluoride, removes metal fillings, and even recommends supplements for overall health. Our holistic approach to dental care, also known as biological dentistry, is based on our deep concern for our patients’ overall wellness. You can see this in the service we provide to every patient at every visit. Even our consultations are about 90 minutes to allow Dr. Chandler the proper time to identify your dental needs and goals. At our office, we provide the following services:

We encourage you to look further into the benefits and advantages of biological dentistry in Park City, Utah. It is a pleasure and a privilege to treat our patients with the safest and most natural elements available. We focus on helping our patients with all stages of oral health. We look forward to seeing you into the inviting and engaging space created at our office. Please note, our dentist is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to offer Pastoral Science and Medicine services. You can view more about our naturopathic service in our Pastoral Science Consent Form under Patient Forms.