What is Flowpresso?


Have you been searching for the right dentist to help improve your health? At Summit View Biological Dentistry & Wellness in Park City, Utah, we take a comprehensive approach to dentistry that goes well beyond the ordinary and average treatments you’ll find at most dental offices. We provide top-notch dental care and treatments that affect all aspects of our patient’s health and wellness, such as Flowpresso.

Many want to improve their wellness but don’t know the best way to do so. Fortunately, Flowpresso therapy provides an exciting option! Flowpresso is a non-invasive, all-natural therapy. Through the specialized Flowpresso suit, you can experience tremendous benefits in no time. Each component of the suit offers compression to enhance blood flow and encourage the tissue’s discharge of toxins while working in harmony with the body’s lymphatic system.

The Flowpresso system also works in conjunction with many aspects of your body’s rhythms and energies, including the following benefits:

  • Physical health: Flowpresso offers compression and improved oxygen circulation, which helps to reduce inflammation, pain, and fatigue.
  • Stress management: Flowpresso helps to reduce stress levels, which in turn increases your overall wellness. Flowpresso is similar to a deep-tissue massage, helping you relax, unwind, and feel better overall.
  • Mental health: Flowpresso provides mental clarity and increased focus due to its ability to reduce stress levels.
  • Energy levels: Flowpresso helps to restore a balanced energy state and increase vitality levels, allowing you to perform better in your day-to-day activities.
  • Emotional health: Because Flowpresso’s gentle massage can help rebalance your body’s energy, it can also help you to process and let go of any negative emotions.
  • Overall wellness: Flowpresso offers a holistic approach to health, providing all-encompassing benefits that will help you feel better and more energized.

You’ll look forward to your Flowpresso sessions, and your body will thank you! When you arrive at our Park City clinic for a Flowpresso session, you will be greeted by our warm, professional staff. We can provide you with a tour of our clinic if this is your first visit and then lead you to one of our therapy areas. We’ll ensure that any of your questions about Flowpresso, or your overall health, have been answered.

When you are ready, a skilled technician will help you put on the suit, which fits over your clothing. It encompasses most of your body, including your legs, abdomen, and arms, as you rest horizontally. Then, you can relax and enjoy the experience while the suit delivers gentle compression throughout your body. Your Flowresso session may also include infrared heat therapy, which has been shown to improve blood flow in studies. Each session only takes about 40 minutes.


An Integral Part of a Comprehensive Wellness Plan

If you’re looking for a new way to improve your wellness, this is definitely worth checking out! Flowpresso can be an excellent alternative to expensive classes or complicated techniques, or it can contribute to your overall wellness regimen. Our Flowpresso therapy makes working toward a healthier lifestyle easy and fun.


Park City Wellness With Flowpresso

We understand that oral health plays a vital role in overall health, and we focus on individuality, tailoring each treatment plan to the patient’s needs. Our goal is to treat the body as a whole instead of focusing on just one aspect. We achieve this goal through our unique and beneficial Flowpresso treatment. This unique approach allows our patients to experience total oral health and whole wellness!

Book an appointment with Dr. Scott Chandler today to start on the path toward optimal health! We’ll take a close look at the state of your oral health and evaluate any potential needs you may have. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation, ensuring that any underlying issues are being monitored. Let Summit View Biological Dentistry & Wellness guide you along your wellness journey and help to keep your smile looking great for years to come!

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