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Summit View Biological Dentistry is the best holistic dentist near you if you live in the Park City, Utah area. In fact, patients come from all around for holistic dentistry treatments from Dr. Scott Chandler and Dr. Matthew Geddes. We are the only holistic dentist in Park City and one of the best holistic dentistry offices in the country. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We take a whole-body approach to dentistry and help you ensure wellness for mind, body, and spirit. 


What is a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist is very different from a regular dentist. At Summit View Biological Dentistry, we recognize traditional dentistry’s importance and healing capacity. Still, we want to take our therapy beyond the basics to serve our patients with life-long, whole-body wellness. Our holistic approach includes determining the source of a dental issue rather than just addressing the symptoms. Whenever possible, we emphasize dental and overall health therapies which do not require medication, injections, splints, or other invasive measures.

Our goal is to establish a more balanced and harmonic relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body. Providing alternatives to routinely used medicine is one way we can do this. We combine this alternative approach with cutting-edge technology, the latest dental innovation, and best-practice techniques to provide our patients with a happy, healthy, and long-lasting smile. 

For example, some dentists use a metal filling to repair tooth decay and titanium for dental implants. But metal can include toxins, and it expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures. When metal is used as a filling, this expansion and contraction within your tooth over time can cause cracking in your teeth, the metal can leak toxins as it breaks down, and decay can grow in the new spaces around the filling.

But as holistic dentists, we look beyond the task of just providing a filling for your cavity. That filling or implant will be in your tooth for a lifetime. Our work will stay with you long after you leave our office, and if we just solve the task at hand and send you on your way, we are not acting as responsible healers. 

For this reason, we offer composite resin dental fillings and zirconia dental implants as the safe, effective, long-term, whole-body health alternative. 


Dr. Chandler and Dr. Geddes

Dr. Scott Chandler 

Dr. Scott Chandler received his dental education at the University of Kentucky. He has actively practiced dentistry since 2001—he believes in treating the whole person, not just the teeth and gums, focusing on optimum wellness. Dr. Scott Chandler is also a husband and father. There is never a dull moment in his house as he and his wife have eleven children. He enjoys riding motorcycles and hunting with his children. 


Dr. Matthew Geddes

After purchasing his 3D x-ray machine and seeing all of the hidden infections in his patients’ mouths, Dr. Geddes became interested in biological dentistry. He strives to help patients balance good dental hygiene, the body’s natural healing capability, and the importance of wellness habits such as adequate sleep. He has created a screening system to detect sleep breathing problems. He treats patients for whole-body wellness therapies, including routine dentistry, TMJ Therapy, sleep apnea treatment, and orthodontics. He and his family love spending time outdoors running, biking, horseback riding, backpacking, skiing, and hiking.


Is There a Holistic Dental Office Near Me?

Yes, there is. Contact us today to get started on holistic dentistry at our Park City dental office near you. 

Our holistic dentistry office is conveniently located near you and easy to find. We are located near the Jeremy Ranch Elementary school in the beautiful countryside just north of Park City. With quick access from Highway 80, you can find us on Rasmussen Road near the intersection at Bluebird Lane. We have office hours tailored to the busy schedules of our patients.

We recognize the importance of using techniques and materials that will not only solve your dental problems but will be a good, long-term, healthy solution for your body.

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