The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry


In recent years, the popularity surrounding holistic dentistry has been growing, and patients all over have been wanting to take advantage. At Summit View Biological Dentistry and Wellness, we are one of few dental practices in the entire United States specializing in holistic dentistry. Holistic dentistry is dental work centered around natural remedies to dental issues instead of traditional treatments and medicines. For the residents of Park City, Utah, and other surrounding cities, we are excited to help you learn the benefits of holistic dentistry. 


Holistic Dentistry Treatments 

At Summit View Biological Dentistry and Wellness, Dr. Chandler and Dr. Geddes are proud to inform you of the following treatments that could transform and improve your overall quality of life. 


  • NightLase: NightLase is a cutting-edge procedure for the treatment of snoring through the use of a laser. This laser snoring treatment is a non-invasive and highly effective way to reduce or eliminate snoring altogether. 
  • Vitamin C – IV Therapy: Through the use of an IV, vitamin C can be inserted into a patient’s arm to help prevent periodontal therapy, aid the mouth in healing, promotes jawbone and gum tissue health, and can boost your overall immune system health. 
  • Cavitation Surgery: Cavitation is the hole in the jaw bone that is either left or not appropriately filled after a tooth has been knocked out or extracted. Inside cavitation, it is typical for bacteria and abnormal cells to be located. If left to rot, bacteria and deviants can be left to multiply and cause severe damage. Through a dental laser, we can clean bone through a non-surgical procedure. 
  • FLOWpresso: This product uses compression and heat to restore balance, help with stress, and cultivate overall health. When the patient wears the suit, deep pressure will be applied to the body, similar to a firm hug. It is known to help reduce patient stress and sleep. 


Benefits of Holistic Dentistry 


Minimally Invasive Treatments 

Each holistic dental treatment at Summit View Biological Dentistry and Wellness is minimally invasive. Our holistic dentists care about the overall health and wellness of the entire body, not just the mouth. This means that our goals are to help you avoid any unnecessary, painful, or extensive procedures that could affect your overall well-being. 


Uses the Most Up-To-Date Technology 

To keep our procedures and treatments minimally invasive, we have to utilize only the newest and best dental technology available. Using these updated appliances, we can help you keep your natural teeth healthier for much longer. 


We Care About the Whole Person 

When any patient steps foot in our office, it is essential that we create a plan of care or treatment that is completely designed and specified to you and your dental needs. We care about the whole person and not just the mouth and teeth. Because of this, we are interested in getting to know you as a person to understand on a deeper level what it is that you need. We look at your health from all different angles. 

Holistic dentistry is a form of dentistry that many people of the world don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of or don’t fully understand all the fantastic benefits it involves, not only for their teeth but also their overall bodily health. At Summit View Biological Dentistry and Wellness of Park City, Utah, we are dedicated to helping you receive the best possible treatment. This includes us helping you find new ways to be serviced. 

If you have any questions about holistic dentistry or our services, please give us a call. We would be more than happy to explain the services and what benefits each one provides in further detail.

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