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TMJ or temporomandibular joint is a small joint located in front of your ears that attaches the jaw bone to the skull bone. This joint is responsible for the opening and closing of your mouth. TMJ is often used to describe a TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder in which the joints experience dysfunction, causing severe pain and discomfort. Dr. Scott M. Chandler, DMD, is trained in diagnosing and treating TMJ for all residents in Park City, Utah, who believe they are experiencing a dysfunction. 


Causes of TMJ Dysfunction 

There is not one single cause of TMJ, and any combination of factors could be to blame. Factors including: 

  • Trauma to the temporomandibular joint or jaw 
  • Trauma to the face or neck 
  • Stress 
  • Clenching or grinding teeth 
  • Malocclusion: where the jaws do not line up correctly, which causes bite issues 

Any of these causes could cause someone to suffer from TMJ, bringing intense pain and discomfort. Some people might be unaware that they suffer from TMJ because their jaw pain has become normal or natural. Some symptoms of TMJ that we encourage our patients to look out for include: 

  • Wear and tear on teeth caused by grinding 
  • Earaches 
  • Tension headaches or migraines 
  • Limited mobility in the jaw 
  • Shoulder and neck pain 
  • Popping or clicking sounds when opening mouth 

Symptoms can differ between patients, and you could be experiencing only one to indicate TMJ. 


TMJ Treatment 

Once you have spoken with and seen Dr. Chandler or Dr. Geddes and have been diagnosed with a TMJ dysfunction, we will work with you in finding the best treatment. Different treatments are available, but your treatment plan will determine what’s causing your TMJ and what symptoms you’re experiencing. Some treatment plans include: 

  • Mouth Guards & Splint Therapy: Both mouth guards and splints are often used as the first form of treatment. Mouth Guards are oral appliances that can alleviate pain caused by clenching and teeth grinding. Splints are used to help determine a stable yet comfortable bite position.
  • Microcurrent Therapy: We use the most advanced technology to reduce inflammation and scar tissue and pain.
  • Reduce Stress: For all patients suffering from TMJ, we recommend reducing the stress in their everyday lives. Although this can be difficult, it could significantly reduce pain. 
  • DTR Therapy: Using high-tech tooth equilibration (T-scan), we often have patients out of pain in one hour of the first visit.  
  • iPRF+ Therapy: Using your blood products, we inject the magic directly into the TMJ, and it heals like magic.


See Dr. Chandler or Dr. Geddes

At Scott M. Chandler, DMD, we hate hearing that our patients are in pain and will do all that we can to help diagnose and treat any oral problems. With TMJ dysfunctions, there are many possibilities of what is causing you pain. We want to help find what is causing discomfort and treat it with the appropriate treatment plan. 


If you are in the Park City, Utah area and have been experiencing the above-listed symptoms, please come in for a consultation with Dr. Chandler or Dr. Geddes. Whether it is a TMJ issue or not, it is important to treat any oral pain as soon as possible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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