What are the benefits to Sedation Dentistry?


We all have to go to the dentist. It’s recommended that the average person books in for an appointment once every six months, giving their dentist a chance to survey the health of their mouth and identify any issues that need to be rectified or treated. Of course, not everyone is comfortable at the dentist’s. This is where sedation dentistry can come to the rescue. Here’s some more information on sedation dentistry, as well as its benefits!


What Is Sedation Dentistry?

First, let’s establish what sedation dentistry actually is. Put simply, sedation dentistry is the same as all other forms of dentistry – the dentist will undertake the exact same procedure using the exact same tools and processes. However, there’s one difference – the patient will be sedated during their treatment. Of course, there are different levels of sedation that can be used during sedation dentistry for different effects. There four levels of sedation that dentists are able to recommend, or that patients are able to choose from, are minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia.


Minimal Sedation This is the lowest strength of sedation. You will remain fully conscious, but will simply feel a little more relaxed during your procedure.
Moderate Sedation Moderate sedation is the second strength of sedation available. Some dentists may refer to this as “conscious sedation”. Like minimal sedation, moderate sedation will see you remain conscious, but you will be even more relaxed. You may find that you temporarily slur your words a little after treatment.
Deep Sedation Deep sedation is suitable for individuals who want to be heavily sedated during their treatment. While you will be conscious, it is just about. You won’t remember much of the treatment once the sedation wears off.
General Anesthetic General anesthetic used in dentistry is the same type of anesthetic used in surgery. It will render you unconscious throughout the duration of your treatment. You won’t remember any of the treatment being carried out when you come to.


What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Of course, sedation is used for a reason – it benefits some people while they have dental work carried out. But what are the particular benefits that may encourage you to try sedation dentistry yourself? Here are some suggestions:


  • Anxiety relief – the most common reason that people opt for sedation dentistry is that they are nervous or anxious about their procedure or treatment. Sedation dentistry can prevent nervous patients (or patients who are scared of the dentist) from missing appointments. This can improve overall dental and oral health and can ensure that any necessary treatment is carried out as and when required.
  • Reduced gag reflex – if you have a strong gag reflex, you may find that you gag a lot during dental examinations and procedures. This can interfere with the dentist’s work and be uncomfortable for you too. Sedation can minimize your gag reflex response.
  • Pain relief – if you are undergoing a potentially painful, difficult, complex or lengthy procedure, you may want to opt for sedation to make the experience more bearable for yourself.


Of course, these are just the basics. There’s plenty more to be known about sedation dentistry, as well as multiple benefits that haven’t been highlighted here. But hopefully, some of the above information will help to get your journey with sedation dentistry off to a good start! If you’re interested in Sedation Dentistry in Park City, Utah, feel free to reach out to use here at Scott Chandler DMD to learn more!

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