What to Look Out for with Pregnancy Gingivitis


Pregnancy is an exciting time and also an important period to take care of your health to protect you and your baby. In addition to your general health, you should care for your oral health and be aware of the risks of pregnancy gingivitis.

In the United States alone, about half of all adult patients are dealing with gum disease in some form, and many aren’t even aware of the risk. In particular, women who are undergoing pregnancy are placed at a unique risk for gum disease due to ongoing changes in their hormonal balance that causes the hormones to fluctuate. For example, your levels of progesterone can rise and cause introduce more disease-causing bacteria to your mouth that weakens your oral health.

Changes in hormones can result in pregnant women developing a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis, or a mild type of gum disease. It’s important to notify a dental professional if you suspect you have this condition so that you can receive treatment before it affects you and your baby. When untreated, pregnancy gingivitis can result in low birth weight, premature birth and complications resulting from preterm birth, such as loss of hearing and vision, respiratory risks and digestive issues.

Pregnancy gingivitis can be avoided if you maintain a routine of daily oral hygiene and attend scheduled dental checkups. Contact Dr. Scott Chandler, DMD at 435-649-2078 today for further insight on pregnancy gingivitis in Park City, UT, and to schedule a visit with our dentist. Dr. Scott Chandler and our team would love to hear from you!

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