Set Aside Time To Inspect Your Smile for Symptoms of Oral Cancer



Are you familiar with the symptoms of oral cancer? If you have any irregularities and abnormalities in your mouth, teeth, head, neck, or gums, it could very likely be associated with the disease. Thus, it is important to always keep a daily track of anything unusual with your mouth and visit your dentist as needed. Ideally, you should routinely schedule an appointment with your dentist for oral cancer screenings as necessary.

If you’re suffering from oral cancer, it could often show itself through symptoms and signs present in your mouth. This can include visual clues such as red, white, or speckled patches, as well as persistent sores that continue to arise. If bleeding frequently returns, and if you have abnormal swellings or thickenings in your mouth, it could be linked to oral cancer.

Common indications of oral cancer include changes in your oral health. This can include teeth moving out of their alignment or even difficulties with chewing and speaking. If your swallowing abilities are hindered, or if you have trouble moving your jaw or tongue, oral cancer may be to blame. Other common indications are throat soreness, chronic sore throat, or even dramatic and unexplained weight loss.

For more about symptoms of oral cancer or to schedule an oral cancer screening with Dr. Scott Chandler and our team at our dentist office in Park City, UT, please contact Dr. Scott Chandler, DMD at 435-649-2078.


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